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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes, I don't write enough.

In public response to a private complaint that I don't write enough for this blog:  Yes, you are right.  I don't.

Mostly there aren't enough hours in the day for everything (and I lost a partially-completed piece on power transmission due to a brief dropout of grid power - how ironic; it's back at square one, since I can't even find the press release again).  The amount of reading and research I'm doing are biting into essential activities.  I'm not an academic; I don't receive a salary for educational activities, and I have no grant.

In short, this means that I either have to cut back, or find a way to get paid.  Getting paid would be the ideal situation, but as I'm an engineer by trade rather than a journalist I don't have many connections to that part of the business world.  This presents somewhat of an obstacle.

The Adsense ads won't cut it.  Total revenue since I signed up has been a whopping $2.49 (that's no typo), and I'll probably discontinue the ads at the end of this month.  Per-click has been amazing (between 15¢ and 33¢ per click) but almost nobody clicks through.  I guess there just aren't that many products which appeal strongly to Ergosphere readers.  And I have a distaste for tipjars for reasons I can't quite specify.

There's a bunch of stuff I'd love to write about, and my disk is littered with fragments of entries I began and set aside before I could complete them.  Many of those are now outdated, overtaken by events (some things move DARN fast).  Some other things, like the vehicle design study, are on hold until I can finish drawing the necessary graphics (a slow process given the lousy tools I'm using) and post them (another issue which is not going to happen without an OS upgrade).  But I don't see anything getting done this week besides "Peak what?" - too much else needs doing.

There you have it.  I can't think of anything to add.

OT:  Looks like Blogger just added trackbacks (they call them "backlinks") as an option.  I've done what I hope will enable them.

I understand completly. Real life constantly tries to get in the way of blogging and of course, it is real life so I ought to let it take priority. There are plenty of things worth blogging going on every day, you just don't have time to do it.

I just made the decision today that I have been devoting too much of my time to blogging and really should focus on my other responsabilities first. It's just a matter of prioritization and for you, like myself, it sounds like this blog, while it may be a passion, is still a hobby and we do have other responsabilities.

Do your best, ignore those who whine for more (or at least take it as a compliment!) and we'll be waiting for your next bit of insight... Cheers.
Oh, I do take it as a compliment.  Make no mistake about that.

What I'm going to have to do is treat this blog more as the outlet for a compulsion than a job; I tried doing that for a little while, and I found that my well ran dry.  Until it starts paying like a job, I'm going to be doing somewhat less of it.
I think you write plenty. Keep it up!

Oh, and I didn't even notice you'd added the ads. My eyes have developed a sort of automatic ad filter. So I clicked one.
That wasn't supposed to be a bleg, but I suppose there isn't any easy way to phrase the statement without making it look somewhat like one.

I'm glad you were able to ignore the ads.  Discreet is good, obtrusive and obnoxious is bad.
Ilike your blog. Ihope you can find
more time.
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