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Friday, October 21, 2005

New sidebar item: the post queue

I've decided that I ought to expose the list of topics I'm working on so that people can bug me about what they find most interesting or useful.  Right now there are four items in it in various stages of completion.

On another topic entirely, is there some trick to getting Blogger Images to work with Netscape?  I'd love to start including more graphics in posts, but there are so many complications involved with off-site hosting (it would take me at least two hours to take care of the deferred administrivia required to use e.g. Flickr) that I've been putting it off for months.  It would be far easier to use Blogger than anything else, but when I click the little picture icon the image-upload popup never ever completes its work.  Other people are using Blogger images, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

(Yes, I disable everything in the browser I can get away with.  And it's old.  But I can't find anything relevant in the Blogger help, so I'm asking you.)

What version of Netscape?
Why not use another browser simply for Blogger Posting if you want to hold onto Netscape?
I use ie 6.0, and photos are effortless.
They recommend Firefox, as below:

Usage Breakdown:

71% of our users use IE6/Windows; clearly the majority yet a lower percentage than the web in general.
6% use Mozilla Firefox; an up-and-comer, which we all use internally.
3% use Safari; also widely used internally.
2% use AOL
AOL users, as well as those unaccounted for here (Netscape, Opera, etc.), would be wise to use Mozilla Firefox in order to have the best possible experience using Blogger.
. Blogger Help

I was not aware of this Civic, were you?
(Unfortunately no Natural Gas in Hawaii)

Running on Fumes

Honda Civic GX, Natural Gas, Fuel Economy, Alternative Fuels, Zero Emissions

First Impressions:
A practical version of the ultimate around-town car that cuts fuel costs in half and emissions to almost nothing.

The Phill tank transfers natural gas into the GX's tank and is about the size of a mini refrigerator. It can be mounted on the wall or can rest on the floor, and can be installed inside or outside the home. (Photo courtesy of American Honda Motor Company, Inc.)
. Home Natural Gas Filler
Thanks for the hint, Doug, but the overhead involved with switching to a more up-to-date version of Mozilla would take me far more than 2 hours.  (Not that I don't intend to do it, but I'm not about to do it in the next week.)

I just wondered if there was some known issue with 5.0, some switch that I've got set wrong, or a workaround.  I can upload attachments to Yahoo just fine, it's only Blogger that isn't playing well.
I'm sure even Hawaii has landfill gas.
I have a free Geocities account that I upload pictures to, then refer to them in my posts. It may not be the easiest thing, but it's reliable and I can refer to them from other sites than just Blogger. If I try to reference a picture posted through Blogger on another site, it doesn't work.
re: Upgrading to Firefox

I upgraded from Netscape to Firefox, and it was nearly effortless. It imports all the bookmarks, passwords, and cookies automatically.

And even if it doesn't work, it's a quick download and and easy uninstall.
"I just wondered if there was some known issue with 5.0"

There are, lots of them. It breaks things. Most web developers don't bother trying to support it anymore, myself included.

You owe it to yourself to upgrade. It may be a headache now, but it's worth it.
My upgrade is going to come with a host of other things, including a new hard drive and an updated version of Linux.  It's just more time-consuming than I'm psyched to handle at the moment.
Photobucket is designed for such things. Alternatively, if anyone has webspace they can add you to as a restricted-access user, you can upload them there. Hell, I could do that if you wanted.
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