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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Quote without comment

From Wretchard:
The collapse of Bolshevism deprived the panoply of fellow-travelers of the paradaisal vision they needed to function. To make it from one day to the next. The Worker's Paradise functioned as the Opiate of the Moonbats, vacuuming the truly insane from society and placing them in the custody of relatively functional cult leaders like Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot. Now that these worthies are gone, their former wards have all crawled out of the snakepit.
No comment.....

It's this sort of deep thoughts (in a Dave Barry sort of way) that hurt the creditability of scientists and engineers trying to push a greener society.
I took a quick look at the cleanpeace site.
It's a bit nutty, but isn't peak oil true? By this I mean: eventually the price of oil will rise as available supplies become more expensive to extract. When this happens, other technologies (in their opinion Hydrogen) will become cost effective and start to replace oil use. The replacement is inevitable, but if it is left too late, there will be some economic and political disruption. (in their opinion large). By being proactive they hope to avoid upheaval and strenghten America (and I hope Canada :-) ). Basic research into alternative energy can be defended in the same way basic research into weapons and space always are. i.e. that they will have useful spinoffs. Wait a minute, they are just useful, no spinoffs - hmmmm tough sell.
They are not even promoting fuel cells!!! Refreshing really.
I have seen many worse sites, what is it that made you pick on them?
Maybe you meant to recommend the cleanpeace site and your comment was aimed at EP's subject "quote"?
Now I see your post can be read either way.
I am, in fact, taking a shot at environmentalists for promoting Hydrogen while attacking nuclear. Clearly they are unaware that the Hydrogen and Hydrocity lobbies (like Ballard) are rapidly pro-nuclear. This is for good reason, because a Hydrogen economy increases our overall energy consumption.

My biggest complaint about the more strident environmental groups is that they tend to be fact and math adverse.
It's always good when we can attack "environmentalists" as a block, even if the views are only held by "more strident environmental groups."
My sense is that most environmentalists don't promote hydrogen, and that in fact most feel that it's far from the best alternative.
Okay, I'm guilty of stereotyping. Greenpeace and David Suzuki are not on the same page of the Environmentalist's Yearbook. I think the point remains, however, that fringe groups -- whether it be ecotopians or peak oil doomers or zero-point energy proponents -- tend to damage their own cause by making weak and absurd arguments.
There is a bell-curve to anything. I think one problem we have as a species is that we too often react to who is on the fringe, rather than what are the facts.

On the environmental thing, certain interests have played that up, and built the word construction "environmental wackos" into too many human minds. Those minds now cannot examine the state of the environment, the state of the oceans, etc., without feeling they are falling in with wackos.

I'm not saying this was your intention by any means, but this stuff is out there, and if we aren't on the bad part of any bell curves ;-), we should work to get beyond it.
There is a bell-curve to anything. I think one problem we have as a species is that we too often react to who is on the fringe, rather than what are the facts.

My take is that if you're in the middle of the Bell curve you feel no real incentive to change things or speak out. After all, it's going like you want.
Are you sure the bell curve of human satisfaction centers on "satisfied?" Human want (for all variety of things and ideologies) strikes me as stronger than that.
Well, I guess I implied that. But if (as I think is the case) most people want the same thing, then there just isn't a lot of disagreement from most people.
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