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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Challenge to Owen Benjamin (updated 3/9/2019)

UPDATE 3/9/2019:  Not a peep.  Looks like he's not interested in discussing things, his mind is made up.

UPDATE 1/20/2019:  Not even a reply yet.  I mailed "".  If anyone knows that this is/is not the correct e-mail address or has gone into disuse, let me know.

Comedian Owen Benjamin has decided that the USA never put men on the moon.  (Why?  Well... he's a comedian, not an aerospace engineer.  There's a lot that's common knowledge in the field that someone so far from it just isn't going to know, and may have great difficulty understanding.)  So I have issued him this challenge (in the comments of the video, though said comment does not appear to be visible to the public) and am repeating it here:
I don't have time to watch and dissect 70 minutes of this video plus however long the previous one is (video is NOT a medium for conveying accurate factual content) but I will make you a deal:
  1. You contact me at the address on my blog (ergosphere dot blogspot dot com) and give me any five pieces of evidence that you like which you believe show that the moon landings were faked. 
  2. If I can explain that you misinterpreted things or that what you believe is evidence is outright wrong on at least four of them, you make a video about how the conspiracy theorists were misled by their own skepticism. I will help you write it and give you pointers to information. 
  3. I will publish the full exchange at The Ergosphere.
So.  Challenge issued.  I will keep you all up to date on the results.

I like Owen, and have watched a handful of his streams and comedy shows/clips. His content has begun to fill the void left by the network late night degeneracy. If you don't know his back story, he was an upcoming b-list Hollywood entertainer who was banned from twitter for calling parents who give their young children hormone blockers to alter their gender, child abusers. His comedy career was quickly dismantled and personal life upended as a result.

My family member is a conspiracy whore, this conversation always fascinates me. Watching Capricorn One with them was pure gold. I've only watched parts of Owen's moon landing hoax videos - as there are probably dozens by now, but I've gathered the most frequently stated problems with his interpretation of NASA's narrative of events as follows:
1. It was not possible to send a signal from the Apollo 11 lander to earth for live broadcast with technology from 1969.
2. Considering the cultural and historical importance, it is not possible for the telemetry data and the original video footage to have been lost/tapped over.
3. Considering technology is always advancing, it is not possible for NASA to have "lost" the engineering capability to go back to the moon. Additionally, other countries should have been able to repeat the feat by now, but no one has.
4. Conflicting statements have been said by different astronauts on whether stars can be visible from the moon/Apollo craft, suggesting a fabricated story. Some have stated stars light up sky, while others have stated it is pitch black.
5. Its not possible for a human to survive the Van Allen radiation belt. No person has claimed to have been past low earth orbit since the Apollo 17 mission, suggesting it was never possible.
~6.Considering the gravity was only a 6th of earth - the astronauts should of been able to jump higher. Additionally, a projectile could have been thrown very far. None of the footage shows this, suggesting it was faked on earth by Kubrick.

Given the amount of comments in the youtube section, it is unlikely he would respond. He claims to read all the emails sent to him, as fan interaction and feedback are important to him. Try emailing him your challenge.
E-mail him, HOW?  I went over his several sites and could not find any e-mail contact info.  Posting in the YouTube comments was the only route back to him that I could find, and given his failure/refusal to approve such comments it appears that it doesn't work.
He sometimes says his e-mail address during his intros. He certainly isn't anti-social. Despite death threats and poison be mailed to him, he also has a P.O. Box which he mentions. From the "youtube about" facebook page link, the e-mail address is, which sounds right.
I don't have time to watch videos; I've never been through even one of his intros.  Scripts and transcripts are where it's at.

Faceborg won't show me squat (because I won't make an account and let their JS run on my computer and profile me) but I found a work-around and ultimately discovered the whydidnttheylaugh address.  I have mailed to it, no reply yet.
You could also try gaypaling him $1 at ( as I believe a comment can be attached to the donation, to which your challenge could be posted. During his streams/podcast he frequently reads all comments sent to the paypal account.
I would have to get a prepaid credit card for that, because I'm not about to give my name to someone who might wind up becoming hostile.  In these days of doxxing and physical attacks on wrongthinkers, one can't be too careful.

But before that is the ethical question:  is it right to give money to someone who promotes ridiculously wrong beliefs, in the likely-vain hope that I might change their mind?
I'm not too familiar with the service and thought donations could be made anonymously. You could also try sending the challenge to - its another address he mentions during the podcasts (so not 100% on spelling) that I believe a colleague helps with.

The monetary value could be reduced to pennies and was merely an attempted to provide an alternative form of contact. I speculate your time writing a response or engaging in a exchange is worth many times more than the trivial amount. I am curious as to how you are able to cope with the ethics of paying your taxes.
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