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Monday, September 26, 2005

My Home Page

When I stumble on an URL
Which makes me want to hurl
Or garbage that just fills me up with rage
I take my mouse and click myself back to the peace
Of my home page.

There wouldn't be much loss
If they got rid of Daily Kos
And lefty moonbats strutting on their stage
And one place that they will never get to post
Is my home page.

Off at WND, whose journalism's cruddy
And whose language just muddies what's so clear
I either hold my nose or laugh myself to tears
And I'd pick it all apart, but with so much where would I start?

Those mis-Anthropik freaks
Pretending that they're geeks
Who talk of doom instead of persiflage
Will never get their hateful points of view
On my home page.

Browsing Telic Thoughts, who can't see for exegesis
Think we share nothing with rhesus
They're so blind
Trying to follow them will make you lose your mind
And the irony's the clods think it's okay to lie for God.

I never will agree with adherents of P.C.
Or those who say Phil Johnson is a sage
There is one place where everything is just plain sense
At my home page!

(Tom Myers has won the "guess the tune" competition, and is owed two points.)

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I'm surprised that one so fluent in the precise analysis of energy issues would casually toss around a schoolyard term such as 'Moonbat'. What does that even mean? If I have to ask would I not get it? As with so much other namecalling, does it simply mean "I don't like you."
I've been coming to Ergosphere for the thoughtfull discussion of our energy future. I'm a bit put off by the less than thoughtfull grouping of others ['lefties']. Especially so by the specific disrespect shown to Kos. I'm guessing you don't read his commentary. Kos is a man who has paid his dues. He is a real American success story, as well as a very smart, energetic, and thoughtfull individual who has much of value to contribute.
Lehrer's "My Home Town", I assume. (e.g.
). Yes?

I did read a little Kos, some time back, and I thought of "moonbat" as reasonably descriptive -- but it's true that using such terms will make some useful discussions impossible. I presume you don't want to have those discussions on your home page. :-)
Ding ding ding!  Tom Myers gets two points.  I've already pledged the point on my head, so I'm going to have to find yours somewhere else.

emtoh:  I've got artistic license.  Have you a sense of humor?  My last shot at lyrics was last November; if you can't deal with a little whimsy now and then, perhaps you should hang only with the Politically Correct (whose humor I have failed to detect).
I bet my head is pointier than yours -- you can see my point quite clearly as that of the balder guy on

and that pic was years back; it's even clearer now. And being pointed, it therefore follows from Euclid definition 1 that we cannot be men of parts; see

emtoh can be comforted thereby.
Does this mean you're offering me a point, as a charitable action?  I've already got one if I can just find it (the P.C. contingent call me a reactionary pinhead, the Religious Reich calls me a left-wing pinhead; if people of such radically different views agree on the pinhead part, I figure there's gotta be a pinpoint there somewhere).

If we are not men of parts then we could not integrate by parts to become whole.  This is good, because being in the hole is to be avoided.
Are you certain that the PC contingent is radically different from the religious right? Perhaps I'm fooled by the fact that both have certainties which seem to come from somewhere I've never been, perhaps it's their shared tendency to suppress those they don't want to hear, perhaps I was too strongly influenced by reading the true believer long ago, but they seem similar to me. Oh dear, am I becoming serious? Let me point out, then, that pinheads do not imply pinpoints but rather (just checking my [plug alert] big brother's website) pintails . 'Ware shotguns.

Being in the hole is to be a void[ed: without even the blank between "a" and "v"?] On the hole, yes, I guess I'd fall in. I usually do. But to think of being formless and void as involving a gap is "a failure to comprehend the flood". I'm sure you'll be impressed. Or depressed. (Where do I find an analysis of the energy requirements for the Flood, anyway? You can have credit for both your points if you'll point me to one or just sketch one out; I was recently [procrastinating by] trying to follow parts of Kerry Emanuel's hurricane energy calculations and it occurs to me that you might enjoy thinking about such. Meanwhile, I have got to stop this and do more Javascript.)
Hey, wow, I'm on par with Kos? That's actually pretty cool.

And I actually like the poem--it's cute.
Only in the doom-saying department (where Kos has plenty, but definitely takes a back seat).
Hey, gotta start somewhere, I s'pose. :)

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